upcoming update in Nov, Dec and 2011


upcoming update in Nov, Dec and 2011

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November & December Version Updates
*The addition of new guildleves
*Adjustments to existing guildleves
*The implementation of a feature allowing players to lower levequest difficulty after activating the leve
*Adjustments to local levequest rewards
*The Addition of a feature allowing players to abandon local levequests
*The implementation of main map markers to indicate the locations of local levequest clients
*Adjustments to existing behests

*Adjustments to classes
*Adjustments to combat balance
*Adjustments to enmity rates
*Adjustments to physical and magical accuracy rates
*Adjustments to how skill points are awarded
*Adjustments to monster population and territory
*The implementation of notorious monsters
*Improvements to the targeting feature

Item Synthesis & Gathering:
*Adjustments to existing synthesis recipes
*The addition of new synthesis recipes
*Improvements to synthesis controls
*The addition of a list that contains a player's eight most recently used recipes
*A reduction in the amount of commands necessary to begin synthesis
*Adjustments to gathering balance
*Adjustments to stack totals on select items
*The addition of a repair icon
*The addition of an auto item sort function
*Adjustments to item durability
*An increase in player inventory capacity

Market Retainers:
*Changes to how players access the market wards
*Adjustments to retainers
*A feature allowing players to change their retainers' equipment
*Changes to the retainer inte***ce
*The addition of a default display of prices next to each item in a retainer's bazaar
*The implementation of icons for bazaar statuses (buying, selling, looking for repairs, etc.)
*An increase in the number of employable retainers
*The addition of an item search feature

User Inte***ce:
*Improvements to the Main Menu
*The splitting of Attributes & Gear into two separate menu options
*The addition of a Loot option for easy access to the loot list
*Changes to how statuses are displayed
*Improvements to the Map
*The addition of mouse scrolling functionality
*The addition of a zoom feature
*The addition of party member location markers
*The addition of new customizable keyboard commands
*Improvements to the action bar, allowing players to freely position the widget
*Adjustments to macro functionality

*The addition of a party invite feature to the friend list
*Changes to linkshell display
*Improvements to chat functionality
*The addition of a chat mode toggle feature
*The addition of multiple log window tabs and a feature allowing for multiple log windows
*The addition of chat filters for synthesis and harvesting
*The addition of a feature allowing the customization of chat mode font color

*The further alleviation of server-load issues
*The reduction of various anima costs and the introduction of a feature that allows players to set "favorite" teleportation destinations

The Lodestone:
*The addition of a linkshell page

First 2011 Version Update

*The addition of new guildleves
*Adjustments to existing guildleves
*The addition of new main scenario quests
*The addition of new class quests
*The addition of new tutorial quests
*Adjustments to existing tutorials

*Further adjustments to classes
*Further adjustments to combat balance
*The further differentiation of actions to enhance class identities
*Adjustments to the effect of various parameters
*Adjustments to enemy population and territory
*The addition of notorious monsters (NMs)
*The addition of new battle content
*The addition of notorious monster-related battle content
*The addition of hamlet defense battles
*The addition of item exchange quests
*The addition of graphic displays to better clarify the effective ranges of actions
*The addition of countdown timers on status icons
*The addition of an "/assist" text command

Item Synthesis & Gathering:
*Further adjustments to existing synthesis recipes
*The addition of new synthesis recipes
*Further improvements to synthesis controls
*The addition of a reference list that contains all previously used recipes
*Improvements to repair controls
*A reduction of the number of commands necessary to begin repairs
*The addition of a manual sort function for items
*The addition of a gameplay feature that determines the quality of materials obtained from battle and gathering

Market Retainers:
*Further adjustments to retainers
*An increase in retainer inventory capacity
*An increase in the number of items that can be placed in a retainer's bazaar
*A fix assuring that retainers do not leave their bazaar locations after server maintenance
*The addition of a sale/purchase history
*Functionality changes to the "buying" feature
*The addition of a delivery service

User Inte***ce:
*Changes to main menu display format
*Changes to inventory list display format
*Improvements to various user-inte***ce layouts
*Improvements to the Interactions menu
*The addition of a help text window
*The reorganization of on-screen information
*The reformatting of existing widgets, allowing for access of multiple windows at the same time
*Improvements to Actions & Traits menu response time
*Improvements to mouse and keyboard controls
*Improvements to character controls
*The addition of drag and drop functionality
*The addition of mouseover popup help text
*The addition of right-click menus
*The addition of a feature that will allow the cutting and pasting of macro buttons from the macro palette

*The addition of "companies" (player-run guilds)
*The addition of company-owned ships
*The addition of company-owned buildings
*Improvements to existing linkshell features
*The addition of an in-game/Lodestone mail feature
*The addition of new search features

*The addition of player titles

The Lodestone:
*The addition of new linkshell page features
*The addition of a company page
*The addition of a linkshell and company search feature
*An expansion of viewable character information

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