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Ask the Devs! (11/12/2010)

shield skill points and,
How can I interrupt my cast:

Skill Points
Q. How do I get shield skill points?

A. The vast majority of shield skill points are awarded when a player successfully blocks an enemy's attacks with a shield, or deals damage to an opponent using a shield-based attack.

A Time to Skill
Window for Execution Shield Action Attainable
Enemy attack blocked Guard 1
Aegis Boon 10
Outmaneuver 20
Aegis Boon II 40
Deflection 50
Damage dealt to enemy Shield Bash 14
Shield Bash II 44
Always War Drum 30

Q. Will there be further balancing to ease the process of ranking up?

A. The late-November patch will bring about significant reductions in the amount of skill points needed to rank up. These changes will make the processing of attaining rank 20 considerably less time-consuming.

Q. I accidentally selected the wrong spell. How can I interrupt my cast?

A. By selecting the spell being cast from the action bar one more time while casting is still ongoing, the spell may be interrupted. Doing so will cause no depletion of a player's stamina gauge, allowing for the immediate execution of another action.

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