Ask the Devs! (11/19/2010)


Ask the Devs! (11/19/2010)

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Lodestone wrote:
Following the Topics post of November 17, entitled New Features and User Inte***ce Improvements, the FINAL FANTASY XIV community has expressed interest in and provided feedback regarding several of the changes planned for the coming version updates.

In today's post, the development and management teams address some of the most prominent questions and concerns in an ongoing FAQ series.

Changes to User Inte***ce
I see that the inventory space for PCs and retainers is going to be expanded. Will this require me to complete a quest of some sort like the item-fetch gobbiebag quests of FINAL FANTASY XI?

Not at all. The inventory expansion will take effect for all players and retainers immediately following the version update on November 24.

What is the difference between the automated and manual item sort features that are planned for release?

The automated item sort feature will organize a player's inventory by grouping together items of the same kind. Within these groupings, items will further be listed alphabetically. By using the manual sort option, however, players may arrange the items in their inventories however they see fit. Additional sort options will be added in future version updates, as well.

What kind of features will be added to the Keyboard Settings section of the Configuration menu?

The new commands that can now be mapped to the keyboard are listed below.

Targeting Functions
Target *** Member 1
Target *** Member 2
Target *** Member 3
Target *** Member 4
Target Nearest PC
Target Nearest NPC

Other Mappable Functions
Open Attributes window
Open Gear window
Open Actions & Traits window
Open Point Allotment window
Open Loot window
Open Inventory
Open Journal
Open Bazaar
Examine target
Begin Synthesis action
Begin Gathering action

Enemy Distribution
Q. The before and after screenshots in the previous Topics post illustrating the changes to the distribution of enemies made absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. What changed exactly? And why are they gazing into my soul?
A. What the pictures come up incredibly short of depicting is an approximately 50% increase in the number of enemies. This figure is subject to some variation across areas. Soul-gazing may or may not be addressed in a future Topics post...

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回复: Ask the Devs! (11/19/2010)

帖子 由 cuitw 于 周一 十一月 22, 2010 10:42 am

Great news! Many thanks.

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