Regarding the "bug"


Regarding the "bug"

帖子 由 cuitw 于 周二 十一月 23, 2010 4:20 pm

Remember the bug we had the other day. We were unable to leave party nor logout. Someone suggested that it's intentional which actually makes sense. The only issue is that we were not really engaged so it's still bugged. Not difficult to imagine that when we fight HNM later, we won't be able to rotate even if everyone goes into passive mode...

The inability to disband or log out, and the 10 minute wait before you can relog back into the game, could be intended to prevent player rotation in alliances.

I'm sure we all know now that if someone in your party is engaged to an enemy (or simply in active mode), you are unable to disband from the party or even log out.

It can be annoying at times, and I had no idea why SE would program such a code...

...maybe until now.

After reminiscing the endgame scene in XI, I think that this inability to disband/log out may be an intended feature for endgame in XIV, specifically when fighting HNMs.

Simply put, this feature prevents rotating people in and out of the alliance - specifically mages and tanks.

It was a very common tactic for Blms to be rotated in and out of the alliance when MP was low. My LS also rotated our Gjallahorn Brd so that every party gets the big 7mp/tick double Ballad. Weakened tanks were also rotated out for fresh ones.

I remember when we fought ***, we were rotating a bunch of people constantly. I think SE never intended for people to do this as part of a strategy, just like SE never intended Utsusemi to be an exceptional tool for tanking.

With this feature in place, it makes it impossible for an alliance to rotate players in and out. When your alliance is engaged, no one is able to leave the alliance. No one is able to log out so that new players can be invited.

Sure, there is somewhat of a work around this. You can force close your game by clicking the X on the top right of your game window.

But this is also where the "10 minutes before you can log back in after a disconnection" comes into play. I'm sure countless people are annoyed having to wait 10 minutes before you can log back into the game after a disconnection. I was sure this was something that was going to be addressed.

I'm not so sure anymore.

From a certain perspective, the 10-minutes-to-relog would also contribute to the supposed intention of not allowing player rotation (when someone disconnects, his character still remains in the game). Coupled with the inability to disband/log out, this would all but ensure players are stuck with a single alliance that can be directly engaged to an HNM.


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