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Something is wrong

帖子 由 cuitw 于 周二 十一月 30, 2010 4:39 pm

After the last patch, I think something is wrong about experience gain against monster difficulty. I totally agree with the decision to change the way players get skill points but SE did not adjust it to a reasonable level. For a crab we fought for 3-5 minutes and used up over 60% of the healer's MP, we got only about one hundred something each! That is definitely not acceptable! It doesn't make any sense. So now we have no choice but to do leves for skill points?!

If you refuse to play with others in such a virtual community, you are unable to fight tough mobs and you get exp slow. Nothing wrong. I get to play with a healer and one of the best DD class while I can tank. Not a perfect party but we can do pretty great fighting mobs. Imagine, let's just say if we get 5 more members to join to fight the same crab, we can kill efficiently but the SP for each player will be like 30 each. SE just leaves us no choice.

Fix it, SE! We are die hard fans of Final Fantasy and we are not happy with the current leveling mechanism.

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